Zeatin riboside

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Product Overview

CAS number 6025-53-2

Molecular weight C15H21N5O5 = 351.4

Zeatin ribose was used for plant regeneration from tomato, Brassi-ca nigra and Vigna sublobata proto-plasts. Bhadra SK et al., PCR 14: 175-179 (1994). Hossain M et al. PCTOC 42: 141-146 (1995). Narasimhu-lu SM et al. PCTOC 32 (1): 35-39 (1993).Zeatin ribose has been efficiently used for direct and efficient regenerati-on from leaf explants of potato. From all cytokinins te-sted, Zeatin riboside produced the maximum number of shoots per explant.Yadav NR and Sticklen MB. PCR 14: 645-647 (19-95).Somatic embryogenesis of tomato calli was induced on medium supplemen-ted with Zeatin riboside. Chen LZ, Breeding Sci 44 (3): 257, (1994).Zeatin riboside was effectively used for direct initiation of shoot cultures from axils of bracts from Aloe, Gasteria, and Haworthia species. Richwine AM et al. Hort-Science 30 (7): 1443, (1995).