Q. I am outside of North America and cannot purchase from Duchefa Direct, how can I find my Duchefa distributor for my country?
A. If you are outside of North America, please visit www.duchefa-biochemie.nl for the distributor in your country.

Q. Are bulk quotes available?
A. Any large orders (10+ items) must be quoted.  We cannot process them through the website.

Q. Where can I find an MSDS and COA?
A. The MSDS and Certificate of Analysis are usually listed with the product. If you do not find these documents, please email us at contact@duchefadirect.com.

Q. How are your chemicals shipped?
A. We ship most or our products by UPS Second Day or UPS Ground Service. Some products require shipping by UPS Next Day, with that information contained in the product description. However, in the summer months we may ship some products by UPS Next Day Air in order to minimize exposure to hot conditions. In addition, during the summer months, we prefer not to ship products over the weekend. We will give you the option to request Next Day Air delivery if you place an order on Thursday. Orders placed on Friday, in general, will not ship until the following Monday.

Q. What are the shipping charges?
A. UPS Second Day Air costs roughly $35, depending upon your location, while UPS Next Day Air costs about $53, depending upon your location. UPS Ground charges are $18.

Q. Do you ship to countries outside of the United States? What does it cost and which carrier do you use?
A. We ship to countries in North America only. UPS or FedEx. In general, the cost of shipping to Canada is about $30 and shipping to Mexico is about $50, depending upon the weight and value of the contents.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept purchase orders from most companies and universities. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. DuchefaDirect.com is a secure site and all data transmitted is encrypted, protecting your credit card information. We also accept wired funds for the purchase of our products. If you are a new U.S. account and wish to use a purchase order, we ask that you send us 3 credit references, a bank reference and a hard copy of your first purchase order so that we may set up your account. In general, we ask that first time buyers outside of the U.S. use a credit card or wire transfer to prepay for their products.

Q. How are your products stored?
A. Our products are stored at -20°C with indicating desiccant.

Q. How should I store my products upon receipt?
A. In general, you should store all of our products at -20°C in order to minimize degradation of the product.

Q. How can I obtain a Duchefa Catalog?
A. Catalog request can be sent to contact@duchefadirect.com. Be sure to include your name and complete address, including any mail codes, to ensure prompt delivery.

Q. Why does my bill or credit card statement say "Gold Biotechnology"?
A. Duchefa Direct is an entity of Gold Biotechnology, Inc. a life science chemical supplier based in St. Louis, MO, the only licensed distributor of Duchefa brand products in North America.

Q. Who owns DuchefaDirect.com?
A. DuchefaDirect.com is operated by Gold Biotechnology, Inc., the only licensed distributor of Duchefa brand products in North America.