SNAC medium


Product Overview

Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi (Pspi) is the causal organism of bacterial blight of pea. The use of clean seeds is an important measure for controlling this disease. SNAC is derived from the SNA medium. The selectivity of the medium was increased by the addition of boric acid and antibiotics. In general dilution plating on semi-selective medium such as SNAC and/or KBBC is used for the detection of Psp. Then suspected colonies are transferred to KB. Through immunofluorescence microscopy, PCR or a pathogenicity assay the identity of suspected isolates can be confirmed.Colonies of Pspi on SNAC are white to transparent mucoid and dome-shaped. For detailed information about DuchefaÂ’s Phytopathological media have a look at our specialized brochure about this topic. Brochure can be found at the “Brochure sectionÂâ€? at the home page of this website.