N-Benzyl-9-(tetrahydropyranyl)-adenine (BPA)

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Product Overview

CAS number 2312-73-4

Molecular weight C17H19N5 = 309.4

Assay > 98.5 %

White crystallie powder

BPA is a highly mobile synthetic cytokinin. Foliar spray of BPA increased branching in carnation, chrysan-themum, pointsettia, petu-nia and fuchsia. In no instance did BPA redu-ce plant height. Application of BPA to flower buds at an early stage increased both the diameter and the fresh weight of carnation flowers or chrysanthemum infloresences (Jeffcoat, B. J. of Hort. Sc. 52:143-153 (1977). In Lilium longiflorum, spraying with BPA resul-ted in delay-ed anthesis and increased dry matter accumulation in flowers under high photosynthetic photon flux. Appli-cation of BPA induced the formation of numerous bul-bils in the leaf axils (Wang YT, Hort Sc. 31 (6) 976-977 (1996).BPA can be used as cytokinin for haploid plant regenera-tion from cultured anthers of strawberry (Owen H.R. and Miller AR. PCR 15: 905-909 (1996).