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CAS number 75737-38-1

Molecular weight C12H11N5O = 241.4

Assay (HPLC) > 99 %

Meta-topolin [6-(3-hydroxybenzylamino)purine] is an aromatic cytokinin. It was first isolated from poplar leaves. Its name is derived from “topolÂâ€?, the Czech word for poplar. The metabolism of meta-topolin is similar to that of other cytokinins. Just as zeatin and BAP, meta-topolin may undergo ribosylation at position 9 without a significant effect on the activity. In Spathiphyllum floribundum, shoot production in media with BAP and meta-topolin is very similar. However, after transfer to the soil, the shoots produced with meta-topolin root much better during acclimatization.S.P.O. Werbrouck, M. Strnad, H.A Van Onckelen and P.C. Debergh, Meta-topolin, an alternative to benzyladenine in tissue culture?. Physiol. Plant. 98: 291-297 (1996).J. Holub, J. Hanus, D.E. Hanke and M. Strnad, Biological activity of cytokinins derived from ortho- and meta-hydroxybenzyladenine. Plant Growth Reg. 26: 109-115 (1998)