Agarose SPI

$185.00 - $1,055.00

Product Overview

CAS number 9012-36-6

Gel strength 1 % > 1200 g/cm2

Gel strength 1.5 % > 2500 g/cm2

Gelling temeperature 34.5 - 37.5 C.

Melting temperature 86.5 89.5 C.

Sulphate Elektroendosmosis 0.09 - 0.13

Residue on ignition Loss on drying DNA Binding None detected

DNAse and RNAse activity None detected

Agarose is a highly purified linear galactan hydrocolloid isolated from Gelidium species of seaweed. The gelmatrix formed by agarose is almost ideal for diffusion and electrokinetic movement of biopolymers like DNA and RNA. Duchefa Biochemie AGAROSE SPI is ideally suited for electrophoresis of nucleic acids > 1000 bp. AGAROSE SPI is recommended for prepara-tive, as well as analytical nucleic acid elec-trophoresis. It provides very firm gels at low concentrations.AGAROSE SPI is quality assured specifically to meet the stringent requirement of nucleic acid applications.AGAROSE SPI is manufactured under very stringent conditions and quality controlled to assure conformance to the demanding requi-rements of nucleic acids and applications